Dark Hollow Band Evolution

The first picture shown is a crayon on cardboard piece Randall Wilkerson created back around 2001 when the band was still practicing at John Gillespie's house in Solway, TN.  Everybody stood against the wall with the cardboard behind them. A light illuminated on each face as their shadow profile was traced onto the cardboard by Randall.  John completed the evolution by tracing Randall as the final profile.  A photo was taken of the profile piece then colored using filters in a paint program on the computer. The dog's name is Tucker. The piece was named DHB Evolution.

From left to right: Tucker, Rocky Ayers, Guy Hamrick, Keith Daniels, Fred Gritts, Gene Beffre, John Gillespie, and Randall Wilkerson.

dhb evolution_edited.jpg
sound sleeper.jpg

Worth Noting 

Music as art is a circular process. One takes from and feeds the other. Someone once said that music is the art of life, so in these sister mediums, we can see that art is the music of life.

Author Unknown~