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Randall Kent Wilkerson, Bijou Theater, Knoxville TN

Randall Wilkerson

When he was a child, they said he was touched in the head; but the wisdom hidden discreetly within the lyrics written by Randall Kent Wilkerson prove otherwise. Born July 16, 1958, he was raised in the hills of East Tennessee and grew up living experiences that most people only read about. Through his travels and trials of life come music and lyrics that grip the heart of young and old.
"Seems Like It Is (But It Ain't)" could not be a simpler melody, yet it has the most compelling lyrics --" The worlds like a dream where things ain't what they seem/the colors and numbers get jumbled/'till the birds in the trees are all singin' off key/and the voice in your heart only mumbles."
Every song is a little story of life as seen through Randall's heart. His music has all the hope, love, pride, forgiveness, and guilt that we experience as humans, but also offers humor in the everyday world -- "and it said on the city limit sign/if you've lost your mind/then, welcome home" (Three Cheers for Loneliness).
As a self-taught musician/artist, he has developed his own style that crosses the borders into all genres of music. Many of his songs are still being sung in local area churches. People will walk up and just hug his neck and tell him which song they like best (he's written around 300). His fan base seems to be just about all types of people.
"Hell's a good place, when Heaven is burning." Often the words challenge the listener to consider their own mortality and existence in this crazy world and then will turn around and make light of it.
Simply put, Randall Wilkerson has put life to music; and the message is . . . Love. - Michelle Beffre

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