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American Dream Album Cover

American Dream

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Recorded at the OR - November 2002

  • Randall Wilkerson: Lyrics, Music, Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals and Harp.

  • John Gillespie: Executive Producer, Flute, Conga, Kazoo, etc.

  • Greg Fritts: Bass and Mix.

  • Keith Daniels: Electric Guitar.

  • Rocky Ayers: Harmony Vocals, Rhythm.

  • Gene Beffre: Percussion, Album Art.

  • John Chaffins: Electric Guitar.

  • Guy Hamrick: Acoustic Guitar, Harmony Vocals.

 Children of the Fire by Dark Hollow Band

Children of the Fire

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Recorded at the OR - September 2004, Remixed October 2009

  • Randall Wilkerson: Lyrics, Music, Cover Art, Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals, Harp and Keyboard.

  • John Gillespie: Executive Producer, Flute, Squeeze Box, Kazoo, Harmony.

  • Rod Erwin: Bass

  • Keith Daniels: Electric Guitar

  • Rocky Ayers: Harmony Vocals, Rhythm

  • Gene Beffre: Drums and Artwork

  • Dave Patterson: Lead Guitar, Keyboard

  • Brittanie Wilkerson: Harmony

  • Darrell Mesa: Congas

  • Rodney Wilkerson: Lyrics & Music / Matt's Song.

  • Jim Gillespie: Photography.

Same Planet Different Worlds by Dark Hollow Band

Same Planet Different Worlds

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Recorded at the OR - 2006 / 2007

  • Randall Wilkerson: Lyrics, Music, Vocals, Harmonica, Acoustic Guitar.

  • John Gillespie: Flute, Squeeze Box, Guero, Stuff.

  • Rod Erwin: Bass

  • Dave Patterson: Electric Guitar

  • Brittanie Patterson: Harmony Vocals

  • Darrell Mesa: Conga

  • Gene Beffre: Percussion, Artwork

  • Rodney Wilkerson: Words & Music (Matt's Song).

Folk & Roll Album by Dark Hollow Band

Folk & Roll

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Recorded at the OR - February 2003 , Remixed June 2003

  • Randall Wilkerson: Lyrics, Music, Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals and Harp.

  • John Gillespie: Executive Producer, Flute, Conga, Squeeze Box and Harmony.

  • Greg Fritts: Bass, Keyboard (AKA: Fred Gritts Gone but always remembered May 1st, 1967 - September 23rd, 2023)

  • Keith Daniels: Electric Guitar.

  • Rocky Ayers: Harmony Vocals, Rhythm.

  • Gene Beffre: Percussion, Album Artwork.

Dark Hollow Band Album Cover

Real Monsters Look Like Men

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Recorded at the OR - 

  • Randall Kent Wilkerson:  Producer, Lyrics, Music, Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals.

  • John Gillespie: Producer, Flute, Squeeze Box, Bongo's, Junk.

  • Gene Beffre: Drums, Artwork

  • Jamey Oran: Bass, Harmony  Vocals

  • Chris Voorhees: Banjo, Electric & Acoustic Lead Guitars.

  • Tom Bates: Dobro, Mandolin

  • Amy Dale:  Harmony Vocals

  • Andy Howe: Harmonica, UKE

"Nothin' But Lies"​

  • Rod Erwin: Bass

  • Dave Patterson: Lead Electric Guitar

  • Todd Mierzwa: Drums

  • Donald "Duck"  Childress: Electric Guitar

"Only Love"

Terry "Teeps" Phillips: Acoustic Lead Guitar

"Weight of the World"

Gary Coleman: Bass Fiddle 

Brian Russell: Violin 

Live at the Bijou - Dark Hollow Band

Live at the Bijou

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Recorded Live June 2005

  • Randall Kent Wilkerson: Lyrics, Music, Lead Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica.

  • John Gillespie: Flute, Squeeze Box, Bongo.

  • Jamey Oran: Bass

  • Todd Mierzwa: Drums

  • Amy Dale: Harmony Vocals

  • Chris Voorhees: Banjo

  • Tom Bates: Dobro

  • Terry "Teeps" Phillips: Electric Guitar

  • Rodney Wilkerson: "Outlaw"

  • John Prine / Keith Sykes: "You Got Gold"

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